Our Baby

“You despised everything that I was. That I am. And you loved everything that I could have been.”

“I think I may have finally come to hate you.”



“Celine Abrahams gives a stunning performance as the disintegrating Emma.  There are some performers who seem to magnetise the audience and dominate the stage by sheer presence, and she is one of them.”

“Samuel Freeman brings a genuine sense of frustration to the role of James without going too far.”

“As Eveline and Leonard who only eat GMO-free, organic food from Borough market and shudder in unison at the thought of poison from Sainsbury’s, Sadie Clark and Winston Obi are just perfect. “


Our Baby opened at The Bread & Roses Theatre
6th to 10th September 2016

The Lettuce Dream Theatre Company - Our Baby


For a copy of the script, please click here.

For the Our Baby documentary, follow this link.


“At its best, it rivals Harold Pinter’s mastery of subtext; […] fringe theatre in London is still fizzing with fresh talent.” John Morrison, London Theatre Reviews by John Morrison

“If you’re going to tackle the well-worn path of the middle-class dinner party, it’s best to go big and writer Eleonora Fusco certainly does that. […] The moments of affection between the pair are a beautifully painted and director Katharina Kastening brings a real tenderness to the story. ” Sian Rowland, London Pub Theatres Magazine

“While the initial premise of the play starts in recognisible place, there is a underlying sense of dread and tension between Emma and James that is almost Pinteresque. Going forward, a dark thread of humour runs throughout the play as the dinner party becomes Abigail’s Party ‘turned up to 11’. ” Michael Davis, Female Arts


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