Sofie Redland: Her Body is a Minefield

“Words that curl into me and fill me with glue until I’m held together
Permanently, completely dead, but never allowed to fall apart.”



An allegorical and critical exploration through performance of mental and physical co-dependence, Her Body is a Minefield is a physicalisation of mental process through the story of four internal organs, The Brain, The Lungs, The Heart and The Digestive System, as they debate their relationship to the body they are part of. Her Body is a Minefield opens the new Lunchtime at the Bear Theatre season the first week of May. Tickets include a light lunch in the bar where you will also be able to meet the team behind this incredible show.

Minefield draft 3

Her Body is a Minefield: A One Act Poem in Four Voices
by writer Sofie Redland and directed by Samara Gannon
will premiere at The White Bear Theatre (Kennington, London) 2nd to 5th May 2017.