So, what happened to you all?

I’ve  plunged into my second year in my MA and sort of went “omfg what.” Waters are calmer now, with a carefully crafted schedule which also includes timed potty breaks – if I get time at all. But that’s the way I like it. I am starring in Samara Gannon’s ‘The Women of the Agamemnon” at the Bloomsbury Festival this Sunday 23rd and I have also started working on my next project…



Katharina opened her own website and she is now working as Assistant Director to ‘Anything Goes’, which will be on at Upstairs at the Gatehouse from December 14th to January 29th, before moving to Vienna for a couple of months to work as Assistant Director to ‘Elegy for Young Lovers’ on at the Theater An Der Wien (quite a gig!!!!) which will be on 2nd to 11th May 2017.



Celine with her Pomp House Productions is getting ready for the Aesthetica Film Fest this November where they have been given the priviledge to showcase some of their work. Celine can also be found on her website.

She has also received a text from me yesterday morning….


Samuel Freeman as James


Our brilliant Samuel has been casted in his first feature film, Eaten Alive by BadTasteProductions. We are all very excited about it and we wish him the best. You should do the same and go crowdfund him!

You can contact him on his website or via Twitter.


Sadie Clark


Sadie is about to open at the Pleasance Theatre Islington with ‘Someone Found’, on 10th, 11th and 12th November.  Sadie’s Theatre Company, About Wolves, is committed to new writing and to give a voice to the wild women throughout history and the present, and whose stories have been silenced. With 68 backers, these wolves were able to surpass their targeted budget and are rewarding their cast and crew!


Winston Obi as Leonard


Winston has been swallowed into his 9-5 and rugby games at the weekend again, but he is always on the lookout for opportunities in theatre and I am sure he is onto something with those Cardiff pals of his!! You’ll see more of him in the future, that’s for sure! But, for now? The silent striker… We’ll see.




Mel, or “Mel, Mel, MEL!!”, like the fantabulous stage manager she is has moved immediately to her next gig, and the next, and the next, and the next… Come Hell or high water, The Lettuce Dream surely wants to work with her again! She is currently working on ‘She Wears Scented Rose’ with Razor Sharp Productions and they are opening at the Theatro Technis from 8th to 26th November.


In synthesis, what happened is that we were a great team. The show had very good returns, especially considering that we were practically nobodies, and we were proud to reward cast and crew of an initial 66% payrise on their contracted salaries plus a nice plump bonus at the end of it all.

The Company had a 20% return on the initial investment which was much much much much more than we expected.

And now… we turn the page onto a new exciting chapter of our careers.

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