The playscript

One of the most difficult things in fringe theatre is… trust. Trust that you will get value for the money that you pay that unknown writer, with an unknown story; because it doesn’t matter how good the actors and the director are (or not!), text is everything.

I remember shivering on multiple occasions, in small fringe theatre venues. When I wasn’t asleep, or playing Candy Crush Saga in my bag. And leaving, wondering: “Why would this person expose that underdevelopped text to an audience?”

Well, I don’t know. Maybe the text was not underdevelopped or not nice, maybe that was just me, being an opinionated twat.

I believe in my script. And I believe in the team that is so carefully putting it together into a fantastic show, that will have you laugh and cry and question yourselves. We have therefore decided to publish a copy and it is available for a fiver here, on Lulu, or included in the premium ticket at The Bread and Roses, half price.

Happy reading and see you in September!

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