In Real Life – Be S.M.(A).R.T.

Make your objectives Attainable, such as publishing a weekly post with the help of a scheduling tool.

The same tool that may betray you and your sheer intelligence when you schedule an empty post and forget to actually write content for it before it gets published. Apologies for the little incident of a couple of hours ago (while I was under the Channel tunnel, unaware of this little slip up.)

I would like to be a writer-producer for life. I would like for this to be my full time job, also just to save money on sleeping pills and for the health of myself and those around me (call me Marlboro). At 26, middle class, living away from home and with a very modest starting capital (uhh, someone has just turned into a crybaby!), the objective of becoming the next Miss Paramount is just not attainable. I need an actual job, and with rent costs in London and transportation and my lack of self control, it’s got to be a job that pays – and that sort of stuff is usually hateful.

I find myself staring in the distance – especially during the 12 hours on a coach between Amsterdam and London – and thinking to produce this and that other play and then make a call for submission and then go to the Oliviers… But the truth is that this starting capital I was sort of blessed with will finish in four years. A one-week run in some pub theatre won’t give us the exposure that we need. A plan such as the one to budget for cast and crew to be paid, matched with the reduced resources that we have and the willingness to produce work of quality in all aspects (set design, costume, scripts, actors, the whole package. It’s theatre, for crying out loud!), won’t last forever.

Hammering the wall of my ambition with the attainable nail keeps the house of this little project on its feet.

What is attainable is to produce a play a year. What is attainable is to produce a play with possibly no more than 4 characters. What is attainable is to do this in London, unless our resources grow year on year (unlikely) and the budget for a future production becomes fatter and allows for travelling to Edinburgh.

What was attainable, for Our Baby, was to change some parts of the script, however painful that was.

Focussing on the magic concept of attainability (real word? Not sure) actually reduces stress levels, when you are actually finding yourself trading a unicorn for a gray horse. It really isn’t all bad news, it actually trains your creativity and problem solving skills as well as introducing you – and making you an expert, eventually – in problem solving.

So, if you’ve got to aim for the stars, it’s okay to just print a picture and hang it on the cieling above your bed – while you think of the next attainable step (try a BSc in Astrophysics, maybe?)

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