How I Met – Your Director, season 1, episode 1

November 2015 – Despite Matt’s follow-ups and his incredible support, for a number of reasons that also include health problems the play does not get picked up from his director.

I have started RADA in October and I am boozing my Friday evening with my uni mates in company of a new person, Lizzie Fitzpatrick, who happens to be a theatre director and actress. I have a good feeling about her. She is ballsy. And I am tired of waiting. So I text her few days later, we meet for another drink, I mail her the script (that’s right, mail not e-mail) and on a gloomy Saturday morning she texts me the following:


2nd December 2015 – Myself and Lizzie meet for dinner at the Cookbook Cafe at the InterContinental and over an amazing steak we decide on timeline. Our first step will be an unrehearsed reading. She has some actors for it. She says we will be ready for premiere nights in London in May or June and that she wants to go to Edinburgh in August.

9th January 2016 – It’s 11am and I welcome five actors and Lizzie in my small flat. Myself and Lizzie have made brunch for them, we eat and drink and at 12 o’clock the reading starts. Lizzie instructs the actors on the speed of line delivery and assigns parts, which vary scene by scene in order for us to get different ideas on tones and interpretation. I am just sitting there on the floor, incredulous over what is about to happen. And Lizzie orchestrates and directs and protects me and smiles at me and reads stage directions.

The play is very well received. There is much more laughing than expected and the final act falls like an axe on all of us, as I wanted to. Some of the feedback is excruciatingly heartfelt.

the reading

13th January – Over at dinner at my place Lizzie introduces me to Jono, who has worked at the Edinburgh Festival and in London on a few shows and may give us administrative support. He went home with the script and we await his feedback, hoping to get him on-board as Production Manager.

The meeting is scary. We ought to get our proposals ready by the end of January, supporting them with a website, a Facebook page, budget plans and marketing strategy.

I go to bed with a stomach ache. I am about to go to New York for a short holiday now that things are getting to fire up.


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