An anarchic devised fringe show – playful and amiable… very much an original theatre show, (with) memorable exchanges and speeches… the writing reveals itself fully as a rather surprising, mordant and tender dissection of interdependency.”  
(BBC Writersroom, Script Room 12)


Jay’ is about Jay as much as it is about Alex, her girlfriend who suffers from depression, and Andrea, her long-time friend who is always there to remind her that she exists outside of her relationship. But… does she?

“Jay, you have a presence. A distinctive style, you impact people, you impact me. But not in this house. In this house, you disappear completely.”

Jay thinks that having a baby may be the solution to the problem, but she finds herself once again unsupported. There is somebody willing to accompany Jay, yet he remains strangely unacknowledged. And what’s more, he only serves to remind her of her profound loneliness.


Writer Eleonora Fusco, founder of The Lettuce Dream Theatre Company,
makes her directorial debut at The Hen and Chickens Theatre this October 2017
with this new comedy, which has much to say about relationships, pregnancy and mental health.

Tickets available here.




“I loved the script. It’s funny, cool and serious.” Nicola Campbell, Best Lead Actor nominee at Berlin International Film Festival

“Eleonora catches her understanding of people and gets it down on paper with style, wit and grace.’’ Ella Gamble, founder of the theatre company all good artists are dead

“Absolutely beautiful, exquisite. An engrossing read. ‘Were we having an argument? I thought we were having a baby’ is such a great quote.” Sofie Redland, playwright of HER BODY IS A MINEFIELD