About Us

Leo Fusco by Lucy Lawson, April 2017


Eleonora (Leo) Fusco graduated in Creative Writing with Distinction at Birkbeck University and proceeded onto an MA in Text & Performance at RADA and Birkbeck University.  Leo moved to London in 2010 and supported herself and her studies with a career in Hospitality that brought her to cover a quite pivotal administrative position in a large corporation which in turn helped her developing as a Producer.

Head of the Lettuce Dream Theatre Company, she produces one play per year and dedicates 50% of her yearly budget to the remuneration of the cast and crew attached to the current project.




Why lettuce dream?

Because yes, that’s why. No, there is a thought behind it. I am playing with the assonance between lettuce dream and let-us-dream. Clever, huh? I later discovered that according to very scientific sources, dreaming of lettuce will bring you money. Which is always a nice little thing we ought to pretend we don’t care about.

Why a theatre company?

Well, technically, we are not a company yet. And, also technically, by “we” I mean “I”. And I am set to produce four plays in London, within the next four years.

Another theatre company?

Yes. But we do things differently. For example, there is no “exposure” or “mention” or “thank you” considered as payment for any of our cast, crew and suppliers. Although not at equity level, every production will run on a budget that includes payment for everybody who works with us.

How do we know what you are up to?

We try keeping our blog updated, which sometimes proves tricky. However, this is mostly intended to help other newbie producers into understanding that not all is lost. From writing, to budgeting, to freaking out, we are here to tell you how things are IRL.

What’s “Our Baby”?

Our first play, Our Baby, premiered at The Bread & Roses Theatre in London from 6th to 10th September 2016. Cast and crew received a raise of 66% on their contracted salary thanks to intelligent budgeting (thank you, thank you.) Also, the show was incredibly well received. So Our Baby was the proof that we are doing things, and that we are doing things right.

Where did you get this compelling picture of lettuce?

The picture was taken by the very talented Rebecca Newton.

Can we talk to you?

Sure! Drop me an email at lettucedreamcreations@gmail.com